dwightashley.com is the official web site of Ambient/Neo-Expressionist composer Dwight Ashley.

Although he has been a composer and recording artist for more than 25 years, Ashley made none of his work public until 1991, when his first collaboration with Tim Story, A Desperate Serenity, was released on the Multimood label. A second project with Story, entitled Drop, followed in 1997. In June 2004, Dwight made his solo debut with Discrete Carbon, released on the Nepenthe Music label.

At dwightashley.com you will find information about the artist and his work, photographs, sample music clips and exclusive tracks available for free downloading, and music activity updates.



Moebius & Ashley - Objective Ojects

Objective Objects by Dieter Moebius & Dwight Ashley, out February 12th, 2013 on Nepenthe Music. Produced by Tim Story, Mastered by Robert Rich.
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Dwight Ashley in the Spotlight

Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight podcast featuring Dwight Ashley is available for your listening pleasure.
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The recent Ashley, Moebius, Story Session

In October, Dieter Moebius and Dwight Ashley recorded at Tim Story's Seventh Chance Studio for a 5 day recording session. This record is now in post production. Look for its release on Nepenthe Music in 2010.

Dwight Ashley's Speak Chosen

Dwight Ashley's Speak was chosen for inclusion in the 60x60 International Mix
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A recent review of a performance involving Speak on iDanz.com
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Dwight Ashley's Soon Featured

Dwight Ashley's Soon was included in the WWUH station fund raiser premium CD entitled Euphony 2. This was written especially for WWUH's program Ambience.
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